Pocatello Buetts Fence Company

Pocatello Buetts Fence Company has been a family owned business since 1940. In 1940 Elias Pepper started a small fence company by the name of Marshall Fence, which operated in Marshall Texas. He valued integrity, quality and customer service. Elias son, Joe Pepper took over the company in the 60’s, Jo lived up to his fathers name and his customer’s expectations.

 Our Company History

Le Buetts was introduced to Joe in 1981. Le grew up at a very young age farming and mending fences with his father. He valued hard work, integrity and doing good to his fellow man. Jo hired Le and 2 years later he was running his own crew. After 4 years had gone by, Jo decided he wanted to sell the company and retire. J0 considered Le as a son and gave him an opportunity to purchase a very respectable company.

During Le’s career, quality was delivered, customers were satisfied and the company name was honored. Le has 3 sons, his sons started working with him at a very young age, he also employees other extended family members making his company a strong family business.

Pocatello Fence Contractor

Marshall Fence was managed by Le from 1984-1997 until he decided to move to Pocatello Idaho where more of his family was located. This is when Le decided to change the name to Buetts Fence . Le felt this would add character to the companies’ family background. So, if you are need of a friendly, family oriented and reliable then call the Pocatello fence contractor, Buetts Fence.

Bannock County Fence Company

Buetts Fence has become the fence company in Bannock County. Le and the family love our area. We have been growing over the last 23 years and we would like to thank all of you. Buetts not only works in Bannock county, we are all privileged to service our neighbors in Power and Bingham and many others as well.

Buetts Fence offers many styles and types of fences. Here at our website you can see the many choices to choose from. Our staff is excited to help you get the fence you want. No matter if it is for your business or your home we can help.